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On February 23, 2011 Google introduced a new search algorithm named as Panda. This algorithm was revealed with an aim to provide the most relevant and appropriate search results. Earlier Google Panda was named as “Google Farmer” when it first came out, as it affects the content farm. It was later officially named as “Panda” by one of its creator Mr. Naveen Panda.

Google Panda is all about the on-site quality: 

The main purpose of Google Panda is to up lift the high quality sites and lower down the low quality sites.

Websites which are designed by taking into account all the high quality SEO tactics, unique content, good amount of targeted keywords stuffing are considered to be high quality websites. Google Panda aimed in improving the ranking of such high quality websites.

Google Panda tends to be a page-wise update:

Google Panda debuted a refresh in algorithm which penalizes a web page that disobeys Google webmasters guidelines for content development. It was deliberately meant to stop sites with poor quality content.

Google Panda Swipe out the website’s with “Thin Content”:

Website with “thin” pages means websites with such a content that adds no value to someone who is reading. Large number of pages and too long content on website, is of no use, if content is not knowledgeable.

Google Panda slows down the Duplicate content website:

Google Panda immediately slows down the website ranking if it finds some duplicate content copied from some other sources on the web.

If you don’t want to get penalize by panda updates follow the Google webmaster content guidelines. The bottom line is not to worry about Google panda update if you create high level quality content for your website.


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